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Wall Murals

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mrsjkerry Mon 28-Aug-17 08:30:55

I desperately want to buy a wall mural but I know that my husband and I will mess it up trying to install.

Does anyone know if there are companies out there that would fit this for us? I asked our usual decorator who said he doesn't get involved in wall murals as they are too fancy!?! Apparently it's just peel and stick, but as it's quite expensive and for baby's room...I don't want to destroy it by doing it myself!!

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LittleWingSoul Thu 31-Aug-17 00:46:11

How big is it? ArE you talking about the wall stickers things? We have had both kids rooms and they moved house with us - really easy to stick and unstick to reposition without ruining the walls.

SkylarFalls Thu 31-Aug-17 00:52:35

Yeah painters and decorators often get hired to do "small" jobs like that. It'll cost you though and some won't take the job, but many will, call around.

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