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Large storage cupboard design help please-pic

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buckeejit Sun 27-Aug-17 12:55:57

Dull but we've just turned a bit of the hallway into a cupboard due to merging kitchen & dining room.

I want to store excess kitchen things that don't need everyday access, like unopened cereal, slow cooker, actifry, toastie machine, cordless dyson/vacuum, medicine etc. also coats, though some of this could go in the utility room if needed as don't want it too cramped.

Was thinking plain shelves on back wall about a large cereal box deep. Any advice on other things to store here or design dos or don'ts? It's between kitchen & living room. Can't find much inspiration from Google but it's never going to be a v exciting topic!

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AlternativeTentacle Sun 27-Aug-17 12:56:52

Try Pinterest.

Titterofwit Sun 27-Aug-17 13:08:06

Ikea might be a good place to have a wander round. I go frequently and yet found some new stuff yesterday that made me want to have the places to use them.
I think I would go for sturdy shelving that was sectioned specifically for large kitchen items(breadmaker/fryer/actify etc) and then maybe something like this slide out assembly
High shelves with a step to help reach them will make the most of the space and you can hang the ironing board and iron on the back of the door.
I also use hanging pocketed shoe holders for small items such as batteries and power cords.

SprinkleOfInsanity Sun 27-Aug-17 13:17:00

Google 'pantry', some great ideas and use of space. Since it's in the hall, I would leave one wall free from shelves, and hang some hooks for outerwear that is handy to grab whilst in a rush out of the house.

buckeejit Sun 27-Aug-17 13:33:00

Great ideas thanks-the pull out thing looks fab, would never have thought of that. Off to google pantry. Had thought of coat hooks on the back of the door but the shoe pockets might work out handier there

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