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Ugly lamps ? Pic inc.

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AgainPlease Thu 17-Aug-17 15:52:38

Change the lampshade. Something like this?

YouRat Wed 16-Aug-17 23:40:02

Ok. That's actually good to know. Thank you.

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Lesley1980 Wed 16-Aug-17 23:12:42

The lamp shade doesn't go with them. I think they could look better but they aren't ugly.

lalalonglegs Sat 12-Aug-17 20:09:32

I don't think anyone would tell you that they were ugly - the very worst they could say is that they are slightly fussy. Don't worry about it - does it matter if you're replacing them anyway smile?

YouRat Sat 12-Aug-17 18:17:35

I want to change my lamps. But I'm wondering if they're ugly and no one has ever told me. I always doubt my choices. What do you think ?

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