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Recommendations please

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Ladywarrior Wed 26-Jul-17 22:26:00

Oh ok, sorry for my ignorance, what's that?

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OuiMerci Wed 26-Jul-17 22:07:03

You might be better looking at your local MN board smile

Ladywarrior Wed 26-Jul-17 17:24:58

Hi there

We have just moved into a house from living in a new build. Boy where we spoilt!

We need to do alot of work to our place but it mainly is adding a 1st floor shower toilet, knocking and rebuilding a dog leg wall, and knocking a utility wall which is not load bearing down.

I am going to contractors in EAST LONDON for estimates but boy they have been crazy and the cheaper well recommended ones are all too busy to deal with me until end of the year.

I am asking for the cost of removing kitchen/lounge structural 3m wall as a base line and so far they have been exorbitant to say the least.

Please can someone help with a recommendation? Thank you.


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