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Help me design my WC? Here's what I'm thinking! *pics*

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1t6y9o Mon 10-Jul-17 09:22:19

So we have quite a large downstairs WC which desperately needs replacing. I had a drawing made up by a local bathroom showroom (pic attached) and know I want a wall hung toilet and wall hung basin (with drawers or cupboard beneath for storage).

The showroom we went to only sell very high end fittings but I think I can get the same look for a lot less money (hoping you can all help me with this!). Where can I buy a contemporary (but not ultra modern) basin with double drawers or cupboard under? I'm not finding much online so far.

I only want to tile half way up the wall and top with a shelf so it looks like this rather than the design given...

Should I put a white shelf on top to match the window sill or should I tile? If so, white trim edging or chrome edging?

So, I'd love you to help with tiles. How would a very light grey or white tile look? Are flat metro tiles a no no? Choosing the tiles seems to be the hardest bit!

What colour on the walls?

What do you think about wall hung toilet brushes? I feel like I want my floor to be completely clear.

Anyone found a lovely big vase with faux flowers I could put on the shelf? I never seem to find any that don't look tacky.

These are the mirrors I've found...
But would they match contemporary fittings? I quite like the contrast but don't know if it would look silly.

I''m thinking a print with a very thin silver, black or light oak frame to fill the space above the toilet ... what sort of print would look nice? I was looking at posters on Desenio but theres so much choice.

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1t6y9o Mon 10-Jul-17 21:08:28

Shameless bump!

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fabulousathome Mon 10-Jul-17 23:26:40

We have a wall hung toilet. I was v keen. I regret the extra expense. I'd not they high off of the floor and difficult to clean underneath.

fabulousathome Mon 10-Jul-17 23:27:37

Sorry. It's not that high off of the floor and

1t6y9o Tue 11-Jul-17 07:30:44

The ones I've seen are plenty high enough to clean under and that's what I like about them - I want to be able to clean the entire floor with ease with one sweep! The seal round the base of toilets seems to get grimy over time. Just want everything to stay looking clean and new for as long as possible. Also like the look of everything being boxed in with a shelf above...

Thanks for the input. Think I'll google 'wall hung toilet regret' and see if this is a common theme! smile

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