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Botched home dye of sofa cover

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SiteSafety Sun 09-Jul-17 15:03:26

I overloaded the machine I think and now I've got super blotchy sofa covers sad sad is there any saving them?

Bluntness100 Sun 09-Jul-17 15:04:52

Dye them again? But put less in the machine next time?

SiteSafety Sun 09-Jul-17 15:35:07

Won't it still be uneven though? So the dark bits just get darker and the light bits be slightly darker than they were?

wowfudge Mon 10-Jul-17 20:26:51

What colour did you use and was it Dylon machine dye?

SiteSafety Tue 11-Jul-17 14:44:52

Yes. Navy confused

wowfudge Tue 11-Jul-17 16:34:15

Okay - I was going to suggest Dylon pre dye but if you've used navy it would be pretty pointless. Not sure whether you followed all the instructions or it was just a case of not using enough dye.

You'll need to dye the covers in two or three batches and add enough dye according to the dry weight of the fabric. A 350g pack of dye is enough for 600g of fabric. Wash the covers first just with detergent, no fabric conditioner, them take out of the machine, dry the drum with a towel and put the dye in so it falls through the holes of the drum - gently rock the drum from side to side to get it all through. Add your damp fabric and put on cotton wash at 40 degrees.

If you use enough dye for the weight of fabric it should be fine. As it's a dark colour the splodges from the first attempt should just get covered up.

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