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deVOL kitchen Vs high street retailer

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Yellowfairy Mon 03-Jul-17 21:11:33


We are in the process of having some building work done to our house which will result in a new kitchen and dining area. It's quite a large space that will incorporate an island too.

We'd been to our local independent kitchen supplier and to the usual high street chains and were happy enough with the shaker style cabinets in the Veneer finish.

Trouble is I've since fallen upon the deVOL range, admittedly I've only seen their ranges in the brochures but they do look stunning. I do plan to go along to the showroom but it's a 2 hour drive away. DH is happy enough for me to go along and have a look at them but he'll take some convincing to part with that kind of money.

Has anyone had their kitchen and if so is it worth the extra £££? Can you really tell the difference when up close?

To my untrained eye there wasn't much difference to the real wood shaker doors and the veneer coated ones that we saw today i the high street kitchen stores.

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