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Period Property and Blinds

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Florence16 Sun 18-Jun-17 11:23:07


We are moving to a period house soon. I'm torn on what to do with the windows! Current owners have curtains, I think we would like Roman Blinds...

I did a search re inside or outside the recess and most say inside for neatness. Thing is, we live in a 1920's house now and I find the windows prone to damp/condensation. There were blinds fitted in the recess when we moved in and they were a bit damp and manky.

Does anyone live in a period property and if so what have you got? We are talking a quaint Victorian cottage so no big bay windows, I think shutters would be too dark sad

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LizzieMacQueen Sun 18-Jun-17 11:28:54

Why would shutters be dark. To me they are the best option because when they fold back (have you got recesses still?) they allow the full window to be exposed.

We have some fabric roman blinds recessed and they are starting to go damp. If I could afford it I would have a joiner open all our shutters up.

mayhew Sun 18-Jun-17 11:29:53

For a window above a sofa we didn't want flapping curtains. We had folding shutters made by a joiner which are neat and look good. They also stop draughty.

C0RAL Sun 18-Jun-17 11:41:50

I'm liking the yellow woodwork, very cheerful !

Florence16 Sun 18-Jun-17 11:49:11

Ooooh gorgeous yellow shutters!

Well in my head, with shutters you either leave them across the window but 'open' so they obscure the window somewhat, or you fold them back in the day, but that would mean you have to move things from the windowsill to do so, wouldn't you? Or am I imagining it?

Doesn't help that on Pinterest most of the windows with shutters are huge which made me automatically think it would be a no go blush

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Florence16 Sun 18-Jun-17 11:53:43

Have google imaged an example of what the windows are like in case that's helpful.

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wonkylegs Sun 18-Jun-17 11:57:58

We've got them on the inside recess but we replaced our windows with double glazed sashes so have no issues with damp

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