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Bedroom designs/colour schemes

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Middleagedmumoftwo Sat 03-Jun-17 00:02:31

After years of pine I've decided to overhaul my main bedroom...I'm not that great with ideas although I know what I like when I see it! I'm having a fitted sliding door unit along one wall with pale coloured glass doors to reflect light into the room, but I'm having trouble deciding on the bedside tables/dressing table. I'd like to keep away from shades of wood as my whole house is light oak etc and I'm sick of the sight of it so want something different. I've been back and forth to the showroom (using a local company) and after having it all measured up and quoted I spotted a dark greyish wood grain I liked on pinterest which gave a nice contrast but they don't do anything the right shade, only really dark or light grey. I'm at my wits end! Anyone got photos of a really nice modern fitted bedroom to inspire me?

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zippyants Sun 25-Jun-17 13:42:49

Hi! Why don't you take a look at Houzz (I'm sounding like I work for them lol) - we're going through a full house refurbish at the moment and are always looking for some inspiration. Have a gander!

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