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Shutters: blackouts or not?

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sellotape12 Sun 28-May-17 14:17:01


Asking for my friend (but also because as she investigates, I'm now wondering if this is a good idea for the nursery)..

Does anyone have plantation shutters? Do they let lots of light in? Does anyone have the shutters that come with little inbuilt blackout blinds?

If so, how do these work - are the concertina within the slats, or is it a regular roller blind that you pull down first?

We are wondering whether to pay more for an all-in-one blackout system, or try fudge it by adding our own blackout blinds at the back of the frame? We have Victorian sashes with the original architrave.

Are they worth the extra money? Can anyone recommend a supplier who isn't expensive? She's heard things about Sarah's beeny's but they don't do a blackout one. She's happy to measuere and fix herself to save salesmany ££.

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