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Cat scratches on leather sofa

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GingerKitCat Fri 26-May-17 23:43:56

Has anyone had any success restoring their leather sofas from cat scratches?

I've looked up the kits on Amazon and watched some Youtube videos but I'm not convinced I'd be able to recreate the results.

The sofas are tan, matt (nubuck?) leather. The damage is in specific areas such as the sides/ back and particularly the front at floor level where the b*stard cat has hauled himself along on his back angry

The damage is lots of fairly deep plucks where he's been gleefully sharpening his claws. No long scratches or threads. He's now banned from the living room since I dicovered the extent of the damage.

In honesty I'm not expecting miracles but it would be nice to remove some of the more visible damage to the sides and front (the back is against the wall).

GingerKitCat Fri 26-May-17 23:45:31

ps I love him really. He's allowed in the living room under close supervision! He has the run of the rest of the house which he somehow manages not to shred wink

Beelost Mon 29-May-17 13:08:11

Could you tell me the recipe of the miracle when you find out how to remove the damage? I have a wonderful new sofa, the sofa I've been dreaming about for two years, and now it's damaged by my beloved cat

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