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What colour is your hallway??

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Girlsworld92 Thu 25-May-17 13:58:04

We are having the hallway plastered and thinking of getting a striped carpet. I wondering what colours would look good other than just cream? I like green but we seem to have that in our lounge & bedroom so interested in any ideas. Thank you 😊

WanderingTrolley1 Thu 25-May-17 14:01:08

Out hallway is magnolia.

You could choose a colour from the striped carpet, but make it as light as possible.

GerbitaFillsbottomMcSimmons Thu 25-May-17 15:04:16

It should be a colour in your carpet or a highly complementary colour or a neutral. Also if you have green in other parts of the house there is nothing wrong with having green in the hall. There is something to be said for having continuity of colour throughout the home as it can feel cohesive. So if you have a full green room adjoining the hallway, you could just paint the skirting in the hallway in the same green and then use a neutral on the walls.

Girlsworld92 Thu 25-May-17 16:28:49

I wasn't sure if more green would be a bit repetitive but I think I'll go with that and then find a carpet to compliment it. Thank you!

LittleWingSoul Thu 25-May-17 17:41:19

If you like green, why not go with it? Our hallway has teal/turquoise/aqua accents, living room has lots of tarragon, emerald and bottle green, kitchen is sage. We are renting so all walls are magnolia but I love colour (and shades of green in particular!)

Iggity Mon 29-May-17 20:55:46

Dulux porcelain doll. Very pale grey/white. We have Dorset marron tiles which are very busy so unable to have striped carpet 🙁

chocolatespiders Mon 29-May-17 21:00:02

Grey tongue and groove at the bottom and white at the top

mycatloveslego Mon 29-May-17 21:04:57

Little Greene French Grey. It's lovely and calming and neutral enough to go with anything.

Jungfraujoch Mon 29-May-17 21:05:52

Magnolia with this on the stairs and landing. Hall is laminate.

MoonlightandMusic Mon 29-May-17 21:45:13

Ours is French Grey too - but it's quite a greenish grey. It probably makes more sense though to find a carpet you like, and then pick the wall colour to compliment it.
It's much easier to re-paint when you want a change than to go to the effort of re-carpeting.

MoonlightandMusic Mon 29-May-17 21:50:51

This is the carpet we have for the hall, stairs and landings (although the picture's just a Google one).

UniversallyUnchallenged Mon 29-May-17 21:57:48

Ours is jurassic stone, neutral-creamy colored but at the greenish end

macnab Tue 30-May-17 13:23:18

We've got this stripe carpet, and went for Dulux "calm cloud" on the walls which is a very very pale grey.

macnab Tue 30-May-17 13:24:05

^ obviously the stripes are vertical!

MargotLovedTom1 Tue 30-May-17 13:24:56

We have Jurassic Stone too smile.

PenelopeFlintstone Wed 31-May-17 12:18:04

My hallway is red.

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 31-May-17 13:11:59

White. Just PWB.

Limestone floor with gorgeous grey wool Berber carpet on the stairs.

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 31-May-17 13:12:17

Sorry PBW

Chillidawg Wed 31-May-17 13:22:55

Something got lost in translation when the builders were in last year and all my hall/stairs/landing were given 2 coats of Crown flat matt white. I got Very Cross and told them to "leave it, leave it, I'll sort it out myself in due course, you've been here seven weeks I'm sick of you all, go away, leave it"

I love it. It looks so cool and fresh, even under electric lights. Art/photos/wall hangings look great on it. Even the door architraves, which are wood, look so nice against it.

I like the house seeming like a very tranquil haven (ha ha) and it makes me feel that every time I walk in through the front door.

Headinthedrawer Sat 03-Jun-17 15:01:27

I love dulux eygyptian cotton for halls.Kind of griege.Calm and clean-looks lovely with white woodwork and goes with everything.

Viviene Wed 07-Jun-17 05:53:26

Mine is Celestial Blue from Little Greene

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