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Sofa spin the bottle

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Lesley1980 Sun 28-May-17 21:55:25

We have had an Ikea sofa for 11 years & it's still in good condition. In comparison our M&S sofa which cost around £2600 needs replaced after 4 years.

In future I'm going to buy cheaper sofas & if they don't last it won't be such a big deal.

curcur Thu 25-May-17 21:13:30

Try, they usually deliver earlier than their quoted times. And I think, better quality than john lewis in terms of the cushioning and the frames.

Blackgrouse Thu 25-May-17 20:47:00

I like both the sofa's you like so not much help there. I just wanted to say our Ikea Kivik sofa's have lasted 8 years and are still in good condition so I wouldn't necessarily assume you'll only get a couple of years use out if the cheaper option.

user1495034589 Wed 24-May-17 19:32:20

Yes I did look at S and stuff and plenty of other outlets, but I want delivery in my lifetime. I really can't wait for 8+ weeks (often longer I understand) for delivery of sofas I haven't even had the benefit of seeing/sitting on with the fabric I want or to even see the sofa model variants at all - it seems so like spending a fair chunk of money buying blind. I'm still surprised that JL have also followed this marketing route.

That is in a way why I was thinking of settling for the Ikea option as at least all variants of the Stocksund are in the showroom and the fabric options actually on the sofas rather than a minescule swatch. Such is the market these days, seemingly more for seller convenience than customer care (ranty bit over, apologies!). The Salento (and also the Barbican) at JL did rather take my fancy though.

Unfortunately most everything deliverable within 2 weeks (JL included) is polyester or similar covered with the odd exception. So it does limit my options.

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redcaryellowcar Wed 24-May-17 19:10:57

Have you looked at sofas and stuff, they have showrooms around the country and you choose the design of sofa you want (I'm fairly sure they would have something similar to the John Lewis one) and then you choose your fabric, so you could have something cotton if you prefer?

user1495034589 Wed 24-May-17 17:42:39

Goodness I'm fed up with trying to find a couple of simple sofas for my new place.

I like the Ercol Salento range which is new from JL but it's so new there are no reviews etc. Has anyone bought these?

On the other hand, and I know a chalk and cheese type of contrast, are the Stocksund sofas from Ikea.

Seems an odd choice I suppose but I have gone a bit dotty with the whole search; thinking Ikea might be a 1-2 year buy. There's quite a contrast in cost - £2700 (seems steep for man made fibre or more for cotton/linen I think) for JL or £900 (cotton) from Ikea (preferred option by OH). And I suppose there is longevity vs perhaps a shorter term solution there. My skin is not happy with polyester etc.

Flip a coin? Gah..... Anyone got the Salento?

Or maybe buy a few bean bags and end the torture.


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