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Engineered oak flooring

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CaptainHarville Fri 19-May-17 02:30:02

Anyone bought engineered oak flooring online? I'm terrible at choosing. DH now sick of looking!

We like oak that's quite warm so words like golden or honey coloured. Have decided lacquered suits us best as less ongoing maintenance. Prefer planks of varied lengths but not essential.

Any recommendations?


Regardless of 'warm', 'honey' or 'blond' tones for engineered floorboards the two most important things to look for are:
1. where is the wood sourced from - this should be European, American or other temperate countries. Those sourced from hotter climates may pose problems including lifting and warping when adjusting to these temperatures and
2. it's recommended to use natural or coloured oils rather than lacquer as the latter will show wear in higher traffic areas

With the accurate answers to the above two points, you should be able to source anywhere.

Best of luck

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