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Help me make my new house a cosy home!

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ocmental Tue 09-May-17 09:38:32

Hi guys,

The family has just moved into a new house and it's so cold and empty sad How did you turn your house into a home?? It can be anything...we literally have nothing here!

Thank you!! halo

AvocadoLovingMamaOfOne Tue 09-May-17 09:45:29

Family photos up on walls/shelves/fireplace. I always find nice cushions and throws make a house more homely, a rug on wooden floors if you have any can make it more cosy. Mirrors or pictures on walls, some ornaments or candles too.
We moved house last august and those are the things that I found made the house less bare and unlived in.

EnidButton Tue 09-May-17 15:05:30

Lighting. Lots of lamps, candles, warm white fairy lights. I find using an overhead light makes a room feel ininviting. My friend even has a little disco ball hanging up on her bay window so lots of little rainbows dance around the room when the sun shines.

Music. Have a little radio in the kitchen and maybe bathroom.

Clean windows and any glass until it sparkles.

Soft furnishings. Layer throws and cushions. Mixing textures really makes a room feel cozy.

EnidButton Tue 09-May-17 15:07:10

Oh and put some flowers in a jug on your kitchen windowsill and in your living room. They really do wonders to warm a place up. Stocks are in season at the moment, aren't expensive and smell incredible

EnidButton Tue 09-May-17 15:08:02

(Overhead light Makes a room feel uninviting. )

scissormister Tue 09-May-17 21:06:23

We've just moved. I found putting up a small picture made a big difference quickly . And yy to lighting!

GingerKitCat Wed 10-May-17 01:47:53

I love big pictures/ canvases and mirrors! Yy to lighting - I have a table lamp and standard lamp in the lounge and rarely use the ceiling light. Ikea lamps are fine for this. Fit appealing lampshades on all the ceiling lights, even paper globes will make things look more pulled together smile

I tend to bring colour in through accessories, keeping the more expensive items neutral. Are you sorted for curtains/ blinds yet? I find they make a big difference to the room. Look for lined ones (blackout lined even better) and choose the right size for the window. I like mine to fall just below the sill but understand this is contentious on here grin

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