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Any experience of Big Furniture Warehouse products/service?

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MochaChocaChino Sun 07-May-17 22:47:09

Looking for a storage solution and this website seems to keep popping up with something that would be quite good.

Does anyone have any experience of them - good or bad please?


andreeaaalexandra Tue 23-May-17 10:51:06

Don't go for them. They send me an email that the order was dispatched and in the day of the arrival, after me asking for a tracking number (because the bed wasn't arriving), they told me that the producer had a problem and there's no bed. Spare yourself from all the hustle and don't order from them. I'm pretty sure I even lost the money.

DJB89 Tue 10-Apr-18 09:58:04

I agree, do not use Big Furniture Warehouse. They have had stock/damage issues each time I have tried to place an order. I found the customer service to be dishonest and unhelpful.

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