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Sheet vinyl flooring - reviews please!

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Missnearlyvintage Fri 05-May-17 07:39:16

Hi everyone, we're going to be having sheet vinyl flooring fitted in our kitchen shortly to replace some which must be 20 years old. The current vinyl flooring will stain orange if my kids/I spill any tomato pasta sauce/ curry etc. on it, but luckily it's an orangey fake tile colour so it blends in a bit?!
Please could you guys let me know if modern sheet vinyl flooring gets stained easily? I'm starting to look at floor patterns/colours but don't know if I'm destined to have to choose something dark with a reddish tinge just incase tomato/curry gets spilt on it! I like grey hues and there's quite a lot of choice of lighter vinyl flooring but I don't want orange patches all over it!
Thanks everyone x

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itsacatastrophe Sun 07-May-17 20:12:15

No advice to offer, I'm just placemarking as I am considering sheet vinyl for my living room as carpet would get ruined, laminate is too cold and LVT are way out of budget. Vinyl sheet ticks almost all the boxes but I'm a bit scared it will just look stupid. Would love to hear some modern reviews

mrsm43s Sun 07-May-17 21:01:39

I have sheet vinyl in the bathroom in a black and white checkerboard design.

Overall, I really like it, and am planning on having it again in the bathroom in our extension, but I'm going to go for a dark all over colour because I find the white squares on the flooring get grubby really quickly and are hard to clean. Because it has a non-slip surface, which is basically a pitted surface, dirt lodges in tiny craters, and will only be shifted by scrubbing with a brush, not just wiping over with a cloth.

I'm not aware that it stains more than any other surface though.

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