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Shed Colours - David Cameron has nicked my idea!

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Madcats Mon 01-May-17 11:30:27

We have a couple of elderly, but robust, DIY store sheds that need a repaint. They coped with navy staining for a few years and I think they are currently "Wild thyme" (Cuprinol or Ronseal). The neighbours all seem to have followed suit over the years. I'm getting bored with the colour and thought maybe a greige (needs to work with some natural stone and redbrick garden walls) would make a change (maybe a contrasting the window ledge and frame). I was all set to go with our vast stock of tester pots and then Mr C gets a shepherd's hut in F&B Mouse's Back.

I'm going to look like a copycat, aren't I!

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Miniwookie Mon 01-May-17 21:23:31


Miniwookie Mon 01-May-17 21:26:21

Sorry, not helpful. What about a lighter greige?

VanillaSugar Mon 01-May-17 21:35:11

I was once in a traffic jam on the A1 (well, in March) and a guy in a Porsche Boxter was behind me who was the spitting image of David Cameron. misses the point of the thread

Marylou2 Mon 01-May-17 21:53:56

To be fair whatever you may think of David Cameron politics he does seem a decent chap and he and Sam Cam have great taste so I wouldn't hesitate to copy them. What about Dove Tale , slightly lighter.

MrsGotobed Mon 01-May-17 21:53:57

Always knew he was a right bastard.

Madcats Tue 02-May-17 08:54:49

Just looked at Dove Tail (a tester pot I don't possess). It looks quite lilacy on my laptop (I'll have to see what it looks like when there's no sun). We've had Elephant's Breath in our drawing room for about 5 years. Maybe I should go that way.

I was gawping at gates this morning (I go past lots of walled gardens on school run) and some of the greys just look as if people got bored whilst doing a dark undercoat.

Apologies to Mrs C if she is a Mumsnetter blush

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