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Large/Modular sofas.. Anyone used Nabru?

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Pigleychez Sat 29-Apr-17 19:20:57

Im looking for a large 3metre ish sofa.

Seen some in Next that would work.
Came across Nabru too. Anyone used them before? Any good?

Anywhere else to look?

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Justasec Thu 04-May-17 20:04:27

Not sure if you're still after replies but we bought our large modular sofa from Nabru about 10 years ago and it's still going strong after 5 house moves - the removal guys love it!

Pigleychez Thu 04-May-17 21:06:25

thanks for that. I just struggle to buy online without trying it first.

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Justasec Thu 04-May-17 21:11:49

I was wary too, and it was a long time ago now so I'd check for recent reviews, but I was pleased. It was effort to set it all up (I seem to remember quite a bit of swearing involved), but at the time we would have struggled to get a sofa into our front room due to doorway/corridor issues so it was with it. It's not a 'squishy' sofa but I don't lie those anyway. Have washed the covers lots and they come up well. Look at their returns policy, I'm sure it was v good when we bought.

HemanOrSheRa Thu 04-May-17 21:12:38

We recently bought a sofa bed from Nabru. It is excellent! Order fabric samples first though. Some look very different 'IRL'. Very nice but different to what you see on a screen.

dietcokeandwine Sun 07-May-17 14:43:23

We ordered a corner sofa from there last year. It's brilliant. We opted for the assembly service as DH loathes any kind of DIY! Cost an extra £45 as I recall and worth every penny, sofa went up in an hour or so as opposed to taking weeks.

Agree about ordering fabric samples first - they send these through very quickly. What I liked in particular was that you get the entire set sent to you, you're not restricted to 5 samples like you are with some companies.

applesandpears33 Mon 08-May-17 13:18:54

You can easily replace the sofa cushions and covers if you need to. We have replaced several since we bought our sofa about 5 years ago.

Kokusai Mon 08-May-17 15:24:17

I hadn't heard of Nabru but am in the market for a sofa - love how you can design your own to any config/size!

I'm going to go check out their showroom on Saturday.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 12-May-17 19:21:30

We used Nabru including their assembly service to have a doda in a 3rd floor loft flat eith narrow windy stairs in a BTL. Various tenants later still going strong!

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