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Modernise French dresser

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Goodiegumdrops Sun 16-Apr-17 15:20:14

Hi Guys,

We have been given two lovely French dressers. One has been painted with white chalk paint and looks country chic whereas the other one needs to have the same done or I am thinking of a grey/dark blue/grey colour.

The white one will go in the living room (about to move into our first home! Exciting) and the yet-to-be decorated one, currently orange pine will go in the conservatory/lean to, which will be our dinning room.

My main struggle (first world problems!) Is I don't want to dress the white one with plates etc. Any ideas to decorate? Obviously, there are photo frames etc.

We will, by September (if everything goes well) have another addition to the family. So I'll have two boys under two, two cats and a husband in tow. As we will basically have zero money after the move, my dad is painting the house for us, magnolia, so walls will be plain. Sofa will be dark grey and there are white blinds already there.

Any ideas for decorations or cheap deals? Pinterest has been a big help for tiny garden ideas and general popular tips.

Thanks xx

ClementineWardrobe Sun 16-Apr-17 15:28:15

Mine held our glassware on one shelf and cookbooks on another. The bottom held booze and the drawers had dog toys in one side and keys in the other. It's been moved and is now a tea and coffee station in the kitchen. It needs a repaint, I'm deciding the colour now. I love dressers, they hold so much stuff. I hate plates on them though. Think i might paint it coral pink or powder blue. Not sure. Bought it on eBay for 53 quid ages ago and it is brilliant (85 years old and the strongest piece of furniture i own). Ok

ClementineWardrobe Sun 16-Apr-17 15:30:12

Oh and if i were you I'd line the drawers and base inside with rubber matting, it softens the sound a lot when using it.

Goodiegumdrops Sun 16-Apr-17 16:43:38

@Clementinewardrobe thanks for the ideas x love the idea of a pink dresser but I'm not bold enough yet with my colour choices - think greys with hints of colours - liking the green palm leaves trend at the mo but want a theme that will last. Also, fab idea about adding rubber matting.

It's actually my mum's old dresser and she basically has stack loads of booze underneath and both drawers are 'crap' drawers. However, they do have the plates on them and I'm not keen on it. I can just see the one of the cats on it, knocking the stuff on the floor or our toddler rattling it. Could store baby stuff, I suppose...

The one we will put near the kitchen area will probably be filled with crockery or catfood and usedful things. I could put it upstairs as extra storage but would struggle even more what to put on it. Unless I used it as a vanity unit and added a mirror and then I could have pink! Soft pink and grey bedroom? Not sure what the hubby will think!


PanannyPanoo Sun 16-Apr-17 18:30:33

you can put wallpaper behind the shelves so if you don't have much on there its still beautiful. as its only a tiny area you could go for something luxurious.
You can display whatever makes you smile and with 2 little ones it will soon be filled photos and creations!

Goodiegumdrops Sun 16-Apr-17 21:10:20

Very true @panannypanoo - I think the whole house will be covered in photos. I think because it's our first house (always rented before) I'm looking forward to making it 'ours' and putting our stamp on it. My husband doesn't really care as long as it is cheap!

I've bought some home magazines to get ideas and now I think I have too many plus none are practical for little ones! Xx

wildbhoysmama Mon 17-Apr-17 20:56:18

Just a thought, can u get FIL to paint house all white rather than magnolia? So much fresher with ur white blinds and white dresser. U can then add any pops of colour quite cheaply ( wee vase/ postcards / cheap prints) and ur choice of dresser colour ( grey or a lovely yellow/ mustard?). In my view white so much more modern and easy to cover little finger prints with a quick touch up.
Congratulations on ur new house and soon to be new

wildbhoysmama Mon 17-Apr-17 20:57:31

Oh and wallpaper idea is great, pannanny- can be coordinated or eclectic.

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