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What colours go with red quarry tiles?

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scissormister Wed 12-Apr-17 20:42:27

So we've just bought a house, took up the vinyl in the kitchen and there are red tiles underneath, the Victorian kind. I think they're called quarry tiles? I'd like to keep them but they're very... red. What colours would look good with these? It's a small kitchen and the whole thing needs redoing eventually.

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Wed 12-Apr-17 20:43:36

Black and white kitchen with red accessories?

Hassled Wed 12-Apr-17 20:45:17

Oh you lucky thing - I love those old tiles. You'll need fairly pale, subtle colours - but the redness of the floor can be picked up with blinds etc.

Fairylea Wed 12-Apr-17 20:45:41

I have these and our kitchen is white with bits of dark grey. It works quite well. You can get red cardinal tile polish online from various places and it brings the tiles up really nicely.

scissormister Wed 12-Apr-17 21:34:20

Thanks for the ideas!Yes, feeling V lucky and i do like them, just don't want them to dominate too much​. They are actually under the hall carpet too, but with a border of black and white mosaic tiles which makes the red look more controlled somehow... Do you think copper will clash with them?

Shootsandleaves Mon 17-Apr-17 14:15:56

Have you thought of a shade like Driftwood by Neptune? Something a bit ' milky coffee ' ?

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