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advice about radiator covers please

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meladeso Mon 10-Apr-17 13:37:33

thinking about getting a few, my questions are -

1. who makes the best ones? i'm open minded about budget - rather pay more for good quality, unless they're all much of a muchness

2. are some better than others for releasing as much heat as possible / not causing heat loss?


Iamastonished Mon 10-Apr-17 13:41:47

Why do you need radiator covers? Surely, anything that covers them is going to reduce the heat the radiator gives out?

meladeso Mon 10-Apr-17 13:45:26

well, it's because the radiators we have are unnattractive, and so replacing them with more stylish ones is another option.

however, i'd like a narrow console table / shelf in the hall, which we've also been looking in to, but the rad cover would seem to kill two birds with one stone (and therefore spend).

also, getting a console table the right dimensions is proving near impossible. it would have to sit over the radiator (there's no other place for it) and then you'd still be able to see the ugly radiator anyway.

hence landing on rad covers as a solution!

same situation in the kitchen. ugly rad, want a shelf/console... and so on.

Sunnysidegold Tue 11-Apr-17 06:59:26

I'm thinking of.getting one for a radiator upstairs. I know you can just buy homebase and such bit I have seen local joiners advertising more.bespoke ones on local Facebook pages. Might be worth enquiring?

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 13-Apr-17 18:47:58 sell the best ones IME ... as they are unique to your style and sizes !

meladeso Fri 14-Apr-17 10:01:37

Thanks OnePlan will check it out!

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