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Please help me choose a wall colour...

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Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 14:31:09

.. to go with these sofas.
Why oh why did I go mad, and against my normal neutral choices! I'm really struggling to find a colour for the walls.
The room is fairly large ( think barn conversion ) with a wall of floor to ceiling south facing windows. So it can take a fairly strong colour I think.
The floor is dark oak.

Any suggestions very gratefully received !

SnookieSnooks Sun 09-Apr-17 14:32:33

Yellow, like the cushions?

Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 14:57:40

Thanks Snookie. The cushions are green / yellow; do you have any thoughts on a particular paint shade?

Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 14:58:47

PS I rather regret posting the pic just after the dog leaped up and rearranged the cushions...!

thethoughtfox Sun 09-Apr-17 16:57:30

Jewel purple on the wall behind the sofa.

Thecontentedcat Sun 09-Apr-17 17:08:07

F&b Brassica might work. You need a rug to break up the dark floor and see the sofa properly. Maybe calluna if you don't want to go too dark. The room might be able to take a yellow but I am not sure it will work with the flooring.
What is the ceiling like? I can't get a sense of the room height from your pic.

Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 17:09:04

Thanks the thought fox. Please help me find a jewel colour, I agree a jewel colour is the way to go.
( am hoping your name is from the Ted Hughes poem? I love it! )

Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 17:13:10

Contented cat - thanks! It's a vaulted beamed ceiling , beams are off white. I agree a rug is necessary. It's just that the colours of the sofas are so dominant, everything needs either to complement yet subdue them, or allow a really bold scheme. I'm flummoxed but something needs to change! Help!

rizlett Sun 09-Apr-17 17:16:03

oooh lovely sofa! I'm thinking green - pale olive?

Stopyourhavering Sun 09-Apr-17 17:20:41

What about an aubergine hue
These 3 colours seem to pick up your sofa's colours and allow accent shades for rugs etc

Thecontentedcat Sun 09-Apr-17 17:25:03

Honestly you committed to bold scheme the moment your sofa arrived! grin
I agree olive green could work too, but given what you have said about the ceiling I would go more towards bold, not restrained.
Build the room around the sofa, get some colour charts and look for colours that work tonally with the sofa but are lighter (colour is more powerful in a large expanse, plus your room is south facing if irc, north facing rooms are better for going very bold). Then get some white wallpaper lining paper and tester pots, paint some large sheets with two coats at least of your sample pot and then stick them to the wall with masking tape. You'll soon see which works. Don't forget you don't have to paint your woodwork white, and if you go for a strong colour it's better not too, it will look too stark. This may mean painting your beams again! Also don't discount wallpaper...

Thecontentedcat Sun 09-Apr-17 17:25:54

I also meant to suggest pelt.

Thecontentedcat Sun 09-Apr-17 17:29:32

I'd also take the glass doors off that wall cupboard and have it as recessed shelving (or get rid of it entirely) the doors make it look a little dated. Think about the other furniture in the room too, you have two veneer types with the clock and the dresser. Would you consider painting one?

Mothervulva Sun 09-Apr-17 17:31:14

A vintage pink.

Cremolafoam Sun 09-Apr-17 17:36:48

I think green as well. Perhaps lichen or verre de terre.? Light walls against the dark floor.
Dramatic brinjal could also work, but heavens not on all walls, but your dresser will stand out against a dark wall. Navy is very fashionable just now too.

Mustbeoriginal38 Sun 09-Apr-17 17:37:41

Our lounge used to be two shades of green (not a great picture below). A very yellow green on three walls and a dark olive on the the fourth wall. We're south facing (without big windows) and the colours made the room bright during the day and cosy at night. A combination like this may help the sofa stand out.

Mothervulva Sun 09-Apr-17 18:07:02

Sort of like this

Thecontentedcat Sun 09-Apr-17 18:21:52

Very on trend mother but honestly I don't like it with yellow and purple tones in the sofa. I would go for a purple personally, but it will be hard to find the right one, op you will not go wrong with green - all greens go together, and greens can harmonise lots of colours, just look at nature.

PickAChew Sun 09-Apr-17 18:30:41

I'd go for a deep, but not heavily saturated plummy purple to tone with the purple on the sofa. Not as dark, though, or else it'll suck all the light out of the room.

Or, for something less light absorbing, a non-garish gold like the Laura Ashley gold.

I think gold cushions would work better, too, tbh.

NapQueen Sun 09-Apr-17 18:31:58

Navy behind the sofa. Something lighter elswhere.

Thecontentedcat Sun 09-Apr-17 18:32:40

Ok I am way to overinvested but I have decided you need wallpaper! (Safe choice) (Wild card) got to have the right room for this one, big and high ceilings.

PickAChew Sun 09-Apr-17 18:33:12

The doors on the dresser are lovely, btw. Don't you dare remove them!

Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 18:46:26

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions!
Contented cat, as you have queried the rest of the room and suggested fairly detailed wallpaper - here is another view showing curtains.

I'm afraid I've gone pretty bold with some items and then gone utterly hands up helpless regarding a scheme to pull it all together. Please continue helping!! The room should look 'wow' but looks a bit shamefaced if I'm honest.

I like the suggestion of removing the wall cupboard door. You are right: dated!

Please please keep your helpful suggestions coming and thank you for your interest!

Mothervulva Sun 09-Apr-17 18:46:56

Actually wallpaper would be ace.

Averagewhitevan Sun 09-Apr-17 18:48:28

PS oh the shame. I meant to pick a picture that :
A) did not have dog
B) had proper side tables ( light oak ) and not upturned plastic box

< runs away >

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