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Painting fresh plaster

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Banjopluckface Sun 09-Apr-17 10:58:16

Our walls and ceiling were skimmed on Wednesday and Thursday. We have had an industrial dehumidifier on during the day since then. The plaster is now a pinky colour - do you think it's ready to paint?

Can anyone also advise on the mist coat and painting please!

PeachesandPie Sun 09-Apr-17 11:09:18

Hard to say for certain if it's dry from the pic, but from experience we've always let plaster dry at least 2 weeks before painting.

For the mist coat we do half plain white paint half water (makes a massive mess!) then do a normal white coat before putting the colour on. We tried just putting the colour straight on top of the mist coat but needed 3 coats so now always do the second white coat first as it's loads cheaper.

Banjopluckface Sun 09-Apr-17 11:20:15

Here's another pic. There are still a couple of patches, but I think they will have dried out by tomorrow...

PurpleDaisies Sun 09-Apr-17 11:23:25

What paint have you got for your mist coat? I've always used dulux trade supermatt with a ratio of 1 part water to 3 parts paint as it says on the tin.

Banjopluckface Sun 09-Apr-17 12:11:01

I have half a tub of this paint left. It was really watery, horrible paint, but I was thinking it would be OK for a mist coat?
I was going to do half and half water, but is that not correct?

wowfudge Sun 09-Apr-17 12:19:50

We've just done stacks of mist coating with the Dulux paint mentioned above. Any thinned down non vinyl emulsion will do.

Banjopluckface Sun 09-Apr-17 13:10:50

Meant to say this is the leftover paint we have

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