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Laura Ashley Solihull

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thenewaveragebear1983 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:19:23

Thought I'd share this in case it's of any use- the Laura Ashley concession in Solihull (home base) is closing and they are selling off everything at 40% off, fabrics at 50% off. They also have lots of wallpapers at very very reduced prices- I got 7 rolls priced at £40 each for a fiver each!!!

I'm not an employee honest, I just thought I'd share because they had literally tonnes of stuff and weren't advertising it at all from outside!

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wowfudge Thu 06-Apr-17 21:51:05

I papered a whole room instead of one wall after another branch closed a few years ago! Well worth a visit.

HonorBright Tue 11-Apr-17 01:27:05

One word of caution - I was in there at the weekend and realised that the items I was after were actually cheaper in the standalone store in the town centre because they were in the spring sale with 50% off. Well worth a look if you want anything not in the sale, however.

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