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Anyone had a Wicks kitchen?

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caroline29woohooo Thu 06-Apr-17 06:17:59

We need a new kitchen and we have seen one one the wicks website, seems reasonably priced. Wanting them to fit it etc. Anyone got a kitchen from there? What is quality like? Was the service/aftercare good? Many Thanks

Bluntness100 Thu 06-Apr-17 06:26:52

Hi yes I have one, the designer did a great job, and the installation team were excellent. We are delighted with it and the quality seems very good. I would recommend them. Pop along to one of their show rooms, you can see the units there so can judge quality and you can also have a designer come to your home and do a free design.

The service was very good and they were very involved all the way through to confirming i was happy wth the job.

GlassSeahorse Thu 06-Apr-17 06:27:35

We had our kitchen fitted by Wicked last year. They were horrendous. The builders were lazy and dishonest, we were charged for work they didn't do. They left rubbish piled in our garden for weeks. The floor was laid crooked and the plinth heater hasn't worked since it was fitted. I could go on...

The kitchen itself isn't great either - I've reattached 2 cupboard doors that have fallen off and have to keep a screwdriver next to the fridge to reattach the cupboard door attached to fridge door IYSWIM.

We have dealt with Wickes since about the numerous probems but if I had my time over again, I'd avoid the stress and upset and go elsewhere. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

I'm sure others have positive experiences but I
honestly can say they are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

errorofjudgement Thu 06-Apr-17 06:40:23

We had one fitted last summer, it's really lovely. Fitter was great, really professional. We had a slight issue where the suppliers only delivered 2 lengths of work surface instead of 3, but Wickes sorted it very quickly.
Nearly a year on, we've had no issues. Would definitely recommend them.

boolifooli Thu 06-Apr-17 06:43:56

Crikey don't get them to fit it too. It's just wasted £££. I got a local guy to fit my new B&Q kitchen and it was a third of what they were charging for installation.

useyourimagination Thu 06-Apr-17 06:48:01

We got a Wicks kitchen about 6 or 7 years ago. It still looks as good as the day we got it but like others we used a local man to fit it for us. Fitting can be as much as the kitchen itself.

lifesuckssometimes Thu 06-Apr-17 06:49:00

We bought ours about 17 years ago, still looks good. Their customer service was great. DH fitted it, would agree don't use them, they only sub-contract, so pot luck who you get.

sonlypuppyfat Thu 06-Apr-17 06:52:03

Don't bother, bag of shit!!! All the doors swelled and warped and they either don't shut or you can't open them

YokoReturns Thu 06-Apr-17 07:03:05

Have you tried Howden's OP? Better quality and cheaper than Wickes (I've got a quotation from both so I know this to be true!).

screamingeels Thu 06-Apr-17 07:12:42

We got ours 6 years ago, DH fitted it. Was great quality, Wickes were v. flexible about order which we changed loads. Still looks great. At the time was same quality & cost as Howdens. It was in a 'sale' - but they always seem to have a sale on.

I'm a bitt suprised the experience is so mixed. Maybe it depends on the range. Ours wasn't the cheapest mid/top range all solid wood.

southall Thu 06-Apr-17 07:31:16

The worst thing about these big companies is that they take all the fitting money up front.
Once they get your money, then they have the power and you have the stress in complaining to them if things don't go smoothly. And you might have to end up in court if things go really bad.

A smaller company or fitter might take money at the end or in stages.

My local wickes has an job advert displayed as you walk in 'kitchen & bathroom fitters wanted'. That didnt fill me with confidence, as you could end up with a fitter who is new to the company and is very bad but hasnt yet got around to being fired yet.

Hit and miss.

Im sure most fittings go smoothly and only the bad ones gets publicity,
but there are many horror stories on the the internet, link below is one example:

Dexterslab Thu 06-Apr-17 07:35:13

Following as we are looking at both wicks and howdens but our builder will fit it (having s big extension including new kitchen).

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou Thu 06-Apr-17 14:40:01

DH and I fitted our Wickes kitchen 17 years ago. The designer was great, delivery was problem free. I put the carcasses together and DH installed them, worktops etc. Still looking good but we are thinking of updating and will probably go with Wickes again.

Ontheboardwalk Thu 06-Apr-17 15:42:46

I've just had one fitted by them after searching for a kitchen for ages and they were great. Fitters said Wickes made them jump through more hoops than Magnet and Wren to get on the books. Wickes customer service phoned me to check all was ok before, during and after the fitting.

I had unexpected electrical issues and they quickly got electricians onsite to sort as they didn't want to impact the kitchen installation. Kitchen is very good quality

Katetickton1966 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:17:53

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BobbinThreadbare123 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:20:11

I had a Wickes kitchen in my previous house. Definitely did not pay for their fitting! My independent chaps did a great job. The kitchen was really nice and well made, very pleasant process for choosing and ordering and we got a decent sale bargain.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Mon 24-Apr-17 21:46:18

Love my Wicks kitchen. The designer did a great job with an awkward space. 5 years on its as good as new, apart from a little bit of swelling on the door that covers the washing machine. (PigletJohn did say not to go for integrated - if you do, always leave the door open when using the washing machine).

As pps have said though, I got another builder to fit it.

They were exactly the same price as Howdens for a far, far nicer kitchen.

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