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Wall colour to "tweak" a cream kitchen?

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chugging Sun 02-Apr-17 19:15:14

We have a west facing lower ground floor kitchen that needs repainting. The cabinets are cream gloss, the worktop is a kind of lighter beige gloss and the floor tiles are a really nice flat neutral white-beige with streaks of grey.

The kitchen table and chairs are a kind of retro 60s style bent wood and chrome.

The walls are currently a lightish sage green.

I'm not a fan of cream (on the cabinets) and with the green it looks too country kitchen and just not right.

What colour wall paint would you suggest to nudge the overall look towards something more modern? I'm sure there must be a paint colour that allows the cream to feel like it's part of a tonal scheme that's a bit more neutral or even minimalist?

I was wondering about a greige or a grey or even a white. I've never worked with a west facing room though so I don't know if that scuppers things a bit.

Any ideas very gratefully received.

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Excusemyfrench Sun 02-Apr-17 19:21:22

I would paint the walls a very very light grey.

Im not a big dan of cream either and before I moved to my new house I had a kitchen with cream mat cabinets. Turns out you can paint them easily! So if you were to paint those white and the wall light grey and then had a few chrome appliances ( as opposed to cream) it could really change the look of your kitchen.

Send us a picture so we can see ! Good luck smile

Rosehips Sun 02-Apr-17 20:04:44

Yellow would make cream look white

Pestilentialone Sun 02-Apr-17 20:12:11

Blue grey, sort of like dirty blu tack.
Will give the modern grey neutral look and counterbalance the cream.

LoupGarou Sun 02-Apr-17 22:23:51

We have cream/ivory cabinets (but black worktops with a subtle copper fleck in) and we have pure brilliant white on three walls, and a very dark matt navy (almost) black on the fourth wall. I know people think feature walls are out, but it really works well for us.
The white looks sharp and fresh against the cream and we get loads of compliments on it, despite everyone thinking it was a weird idea before I painted it all.

Something along these colours would be nice and modern, imho...

chugging Mon 03-Apr-17 17:17:18

Thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciate it.

I can't paint the cabinets so they'll have to stay cream (unfortunately) but I'm very glad to hear that grey and cream has worked ok in your previous flat.

We've got Dulux clouded pearl elsewhere in the house and that's a kind of dirty blue tack colour (SUCH a good description by the way!) so that could work. I love the colour and I think we've got some left over (enough to test it out anyway). I like the idea of clouded pearl on the walls, and maybe a white/off white on the woodwork. I think a few black accents (such as some prints in black frames and a geometric tea towel or two) might look nice with those colours too, especially as there's black present in the hob and microwave and oven doors.

@loupgarou A dark matte navy is on my dream list. I love it, i think it's such a stylish colour. I suspect that my OH won't go for it but just in case.... we have cabinets on three walls of the square room and one blank wall. The two walls perpendicular to the blank wall have cabinets at floor and wall, and the opposite wall just has floor cabinets and a window.

Would you paint the navy on the blank wall and have the brilliant white on the cabinet walls, or navy around the cabinets and leave the blank wall brilliant white?

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skinnyamericano Mon 03-Apr-17 17:22:23

Was going to suggest a similar colour to loup - we have F&B Stiffkey blue. I love it!

CountryCaterpillar Mon 03-Apr-17 17:25:01

We're considering white but don't know whether to go for pure brilliant white or the myriad of whites that there are now!

LoupGarou Tue 04-Apr-17 00:04:41

My DH wasn't keen on the idea of navy either, so I painted ours while he was at work grin. I had the paint anyway as my study is matt navy, and I figured if he hated it I'd just paint over it, but I wanted him to actually give it a fair shot rather than unfairly ruling it out. He got home and loved it instantly.
I would put the navy on the blank wall as I think the pure bright white looks really nice against cream cupboards, the colour difference is very noticeable but not in your face and imo it really seems to modernise cupboards and the kitchen. Our cupboards are painted in Dulux Cielo Blanco, and the walls are Dulux pure brilliant white. I can't remember the name of the navy but it was a Benjamin Moore colour (we're in the US)
Skinny I've just googled and that stiffkey blue is gorgeous!

tatshark Tue 11-Apr-17 15:53:42

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bubblepops Mon 17-Apr-17 21:06:17

when we moved in our cream kitchen was orange :-O

We have painted it brilliant white with a feature wall with grey paper, will try get a photo tomorrow!

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