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Curtain science

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babynelly2010 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:05:58

I want to get a curtain for a window that is 115 cm wide and 130 cm tall. I would like to get one that is goes just under the window sill. I am looking to get eyelet type curtain for more modern look and I want it to fold to the sides and not take away from window opening when open. So...
What size curtain do I need?
When they say size but price for pair, is the size for each curtain or all together?
What size pole do I need?

Thank you

DevelopingDetritus Sun 02-Apr-17 18:13:59

If I were you, I'd measure the area you want to cover, not just the window aperture. Then look on the ready made curtain packets to match the measurements. I like your thread title btw.

DevelopingDetritus Sun 02-Apr-17 18:16:00

*The size on the packet is altogether.
* the pole size would be the widest width you want. Some of the poles are adjustable anyhoo.

Crankycunt Sun 02-Apr-17 18:19:19

A 150cm pole, if using just 1 curtain you'll need a 228x172 and take them up.

A 164 width would look shit when the curtain is closed.

babynelly2010 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:50:41

Thanks everyone.
Crankycunt, I want to use 2 curtains, is it something like 115 for each panel?

babynelly2010 Sun 02-Apr-17 19:06:10

For example this one
It says single curtain 168 cm wide. But two included right? Would this be too wide for my window if i used 2 curtains.

Crankycunt Mon 03-Apr-17 15:01:45

Because the pole will be 150 cm, 15cm excess either side get a 168x172cm and take them up.

The 117 width will look skimpy when drawn, the 168cm will give you the fullness eyelet curtains need, and because you've got 15cm of pole either side when opened they will sit nicely either side without covering the window.

babynelly2010 Mon 03-Apr-17 23:21:13

Got it, thank you :-)

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