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How to decorate "childrens"; bedrooms now they have left home.

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ExConstance Mon 27-Mar-17 14:56:45

DS1 is 26 this year, DS2 will be 23. They have both rather clung on to keeping their bedrooms as they used to be, with the odd teddy, lots of school art pinned up and book cases full of JK Rowling and odd things like dictionaries. I would like to redecorate both of them over the next year or so, as they are looking a bit sad. I was thinking of pale walls, bright duvet covers and a token nod to all the present tat with smaller book cases and less tat on display. It is unlikely that these rooms will be used by anyone else as we have a nice double ensuite spare room - any ideas?

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marmiteloversunite Mon 27-Mar-17 15:03:43

Can you get them a big box each and make a memory box for them to keep all of the tat in? Then maybe decorate in their favourite colour as a nod to it still being their space in your house.

Silverdream Mon 27-Mar-17 15:17:52

When mine left what they wanted to keep went with them, some stuff got boxed and put in the attic and the rest got rid of.

We haven't turned their rooms into bedrooms as like you we have a guest room, we've turned them into spaces we'll use.

One is a man cave with sofa bed, record player etc It's decorated with stuff I don't like but H loves. Records and film posters on walls. Ornaments of iconic film characters etc.
The other is a doing room. Ironing board left up, sewing machine in a corner, clothes horse for drying clothes. A little tv to watch when ironing. It's lovely not having to get the stuff out all the time and it's all being dried and ironed close to where it's put away. It's a great space.

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