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Dying curtains lighter

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n0ne Sun 26-Mar-17 20:59:45

I have 2 pairs of floor-to-ceiling-length blackout curtains. They were originally a mid-blue, I dyed them dark brown a couple of years ago with machine Dylon, and now I want to dye them a kind of mustard yellow. Would it be possible to bleach them light enough to re-dye them? How do I do it? Will they fall apart (they're getting on for 20 years old but were good quality when bought)?

wowfudge Mon 27-Mar-17 06:52:35

Dylon sell a product which removes some colour before you dye, but how successful it would be I do not know. You could try it but it might not work and they might be ruined. You could try just bleaching them, but how successful that would be I don't know - maybe do a test on a bit of the hem?

Tbh you have had them for 20 years they don't owe you anything so why not get something new instead?

Semaphorically Mon 27-Mar-17 06:55:54

The problem with bleach is getting it even enough, it will probably go a bit blotchy. You could try a really dilute bleach solution, pre-soak the curtains, and put them in a large container so you can stir while it takes? Bit of a risk though. What's plan b if the bleach destroys them?

n0ne Mon 27-Mar-17 18:43:39

It was more a case of why fork out for something new (full-length blackout curtains are pricey, especially in the country I live in) when I already have some.

If they do get ruined, then I will get some new ones.

I'll try a very dilute bleach solution in the washing machine. I don't mind too much if it goes patchy. Just don't want brown curtains in my lounge of brown floor, brown units and brown sofas!!

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