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Help me work out furniture/ lay-out for new living room

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Equimum Sat 18-Mar-17 07:43:56

We're hopefully moving into a lovely old cottage within the next few months, and while we wait for the sale to go through, I am starting to think about decor.

I'm really struggling with the living room, which is the only 'main reception room' so needs to serve multiple purposes. There is a conservatory which will be a dining area.

So, basically the room is a sort of 'L' shape, with a large inglennoo fireplace at the beginning of the slightly longer wall. We are thinking of placing a medium sofa to each side of that, and the area behind the sofa that is dividing the room, will be a play area (logical as it's just off the kitchen, near garden etc.). We are thinking of putting the TV on the wall opposite the inglenook, but would like to somehow 'divide that end of the room from the main sitting are. I can't imagine using a physical 'divide', but would like to perhaps place a couple of seats at that end of the room, more focused on the TV than the living area.

Can anyone think how to arrange this, or what type of seating might work best?


strongandlong Mon 20-Mar-17 16:55:08

Any chance of a drawing? It's a bit tricky to picture the layout from your description.

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