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Dog friendly flooring??

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GinAndOnIt Sun 19-Mar-17 07:45:02

Our dog is only 5 and even he struggles with laminate! It's sooo slippy.

We had an old lab until recently, and we had to keep putting rugs down so he could shimmy himself up by his front legs with a bit of grip, and that was on tiled floor. So I'm inclined to say carpet. But we've just ripped all our carpets out because it was driving me mad trying to keep the carpets clean.

We've recently sanded the kitchen floor, and we oiled it instead of varnishing, so it does actually have a fairly good grip to it. (It's not slidy at all) - could that be an option?

nell15 Tue 14-Mar-17 11:33:29

Not cram - tiles in cream!!!

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nell15 Tue 14-Mar-17 10:03:14

Hi we have recently moved house and our 8 year old arthritic black lab is struggling to get up or walk easily on the flooring which is a combination of wood laminate and ceramic tiles in cram -not good for hiding muddy paw marks!!
What do you find is most dog friendly for floors? We're thinking of carpets in the living room and bedrooms neutral coloured, and karndean type flooring in the kitchen dining area
Whatever we do It needs to be non slip and easily cleaned- muddy paws and easy to get the dog hairs off it. Oh, and warm and cosy

Any ideas before we hit the carpet shops?

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