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Why can't I find a small sofa bed

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Tallulahoola Mon 13-Mar-17 20:41:49

I'm trying to find a cheap sofa bed (like about £400) that is the width of a regular double bed or small double, because it has to fit in quite a narrow space. It needs to sleep two people. That rules out the clic clac ones that fold down because the width of the sofa turns into the length of the bed iyswim.

One without arms is probably best because then the arms don't take up any of the space. But what is driving me mad is that every one I look at is not only even narrower than a small double but also only about 5'8" long. Why would you make a bed that short?!

This would be perfect because I like the simple armless design, but the dimensions when it's pulled out just aren't big enough

So if anyone has something like that but which can sleep two regular sized people, please tell me! Oh and my other thing is that I want one that's raised off the floor, not one that's just a pile of sofa cushions on the floor

Usernamewithnodigits Mon 13-Mar-17 21:06:25

Have a look at this:

Any good?

Tallulahoola Mon 13-Mar-17 21:19:58

Thanks Username I have looked at that and the dimensions are good, but because it's for a cold wood floor in the living room (with the front door going right off it so a bit chilly in winter) I was hoping to get one that's up on legs. But it is a very handy thing, isn't it? Could be a seat and a table and probably easy to move around different rooms. Might go into JL and have a look at it

RandomMess Mon 13-Mar-17 21:21:58

Invest in a decent blow up airbed instead???

TupperwareTat Mon 13-Mar-17 21:23:09

2 single futons? Pushed together?

Usernamewithnodigits Mon 13-Mar-17 21:25:47

I put a topper on ours for guests....& my Mum also likes a hot water bottle blush but I totally see why you want one off the floor.

Toddler DD's favourite climbing toy. Currently kept away from window sills!

But yep, when she's older I am sure it will look great with a few classic books & some posh biscuits on display....

Weebleswobbles Mon 13-Mar-17 21:32:06

Following. I saved this to my favourites last year, may be useful

Mouthfulofquiz Mon 13-Mar-17 21:38:11

Try the futon company. They do various beautiful sofa beds (not floor futons) which might fit the bill.

RandomMess Mon 13-Mar-17 21:46:41

I have to admit I'd rather sleep separately in a single than share a small double sofa bed...

Any single options?

228agreenend Mon 13-Mar-17 21:49:54

Have you looked at IKEA?

SaveFerris1 Mon 13-Mar-17 22:07:10

Ikea do an armless one which is a full double and according to our guests is super comfy. Comes with different levels of mattress but we went the cheapest. It's fab

AesopsMables Tue 14-Mar-17 06:18:25

This sofa bed is so comfy both to sit on and sleep on (so guests tell me) although a little over your budget?

WingsClipped Thu 16-Mar-17 11:28:18övås-two-seat-sofa-bed-ransta-white-spr-69840090/ We have this in the single seater/ single bed version and it is comfy as a bed.

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