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Shelved alcoves

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Mummyme87 Sun 12-Mar-17 19:42:04

So we want the typical shelved alcoves with a cupboard...

We have a Victorian house, typical fireplace in the middle on the wall with an alcove on either side. Only problem is the window side doesn't have a full alcove, the window on the external wall comes almost right to the alcove.. there isn't really a proper bay.

I have googled, searched magazines and looked in estate agent windows for pictures and can't find anything similar.

We want a cupboard at the bottom with some shelving above but don't know how to do this with there not being a full alcove on the right.

Any ideas or suggestions? Or ideas where I can find suggestions?

Sorry if that makes no sense

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wowfudge Mon 13-Mar-17 07:05:32

Can you post a photo?

Mummyme87 Mon 13-Mar-17 07:32:09

Forgot to post photos

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7to25 Mon 13-Mar-17 07:47:00

If this area was shelved it would block light and be overpowering.
It would be better to have two matching lower cupboards, referencing the height of the windowsill
I dont know the measurements, but I would be tempted to have them the same width if that allows for the curtains to be drawn.
Put the TV on the window side as it is now and shelve the other side.
The shelves need to be chunkier and fewer. Can you put the toys in the cupboards and "curate" the book collection?

Rumtopf Mon 13-Mar-17 08:37:58

I agree, the base cupboards need to be in line with the windowsill, I'd take up your curtains so they sit just at that level too so can be opened without bunching on top of the cupboard. Have the tv on top and then a good piece of art above to balance the space.
On the left hand side, fewer and thicker shelves. Will the bottom cupboard be used for toy storage? Large baskets that fit the cupboard and can be pulled out for use and then everything thrown in and put back away is easy.

I really like the fireplace!

Mummyme87 Mon 13-Mar-17 09:21:50

That's really helpful thank you.
We only moved here end of last year so curtains are just temporary and cupboards will be used mainly for books, dvds etc as we have most toys in another room

More pictures from different angles. The left hand alcove is 107cm wide and right side wall to window is 175cm wide

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wowfudge Mon 13-Mar-17 15:37:06

There have clearly been shelves on the side where your TV is. You could put up shelves which don't go all the way across and which have a curved end closest to the window.

GrubbyWindows Fri 17-Mar-17 11:18:36

I lived in a house once which had a similar alcove issue- it had tilted shelves so they were v narrow at the window end, and normal at the fireplace end, it looked perfectly normal and nice. I'd do that above a low cupboard.

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