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Anyone had slide & stack doors?

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sellotape12 Fri 10-Mar-17 12:40:59


More renovation problem. We originally wanted bifolds but as our space is so narrow, the only way to do it wider is REALLY costly structural work.

So what do we do with just a 1200mm opening? You can just about do 3 pane bifolds here but they'll be really skinny and I worry we'll look at too much alunmium.

Someone told me about sliding aluminium doors that these days can stack. So you still get to open them fully like bifolds.

Any thoughts? Are they horrendously expensive? Any suppliers you'd recommend (or ultra slim alum bifolds)


Miniwookie Sat 11-Mar-17 23:05:26

Why not just two doors that open out French window style or just one big door Def don't do skinny bifolds - too much frame.

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