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Curtains to match Laura Ashley Dove Grey?

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curtainsplease Sat 04-Mar-17 20:59:07

We're having our living room redecorated. Paint will be Laura Ashley Dove Grey.

It's a large room with loads of light (patio doors and big window). I need some curtain recommendations please. Thinking very pale grey to match the paint, but all suggestions welcomed. Currently thinking something along these lines:


MellieMGrant Sat 04-Mar-17 21:01:11

We have Dove Grey in the hallway, I love it. Those curtains look perfect.

I'd also consider some heavy chenille curtains (grey) if there's plenty of light. It depends what look you're going for.

MellieMGrant Sat 04-Mar-17 21:03:47

We've got this wallpaper up the stairs which really lifts the whole look, it's sort of sheeny.

curtainsplease Sat 04-Mar-17 22:02:31

Love that wallpaper!

MellieMGrant Sat 04-Mar-17 22:03:44

It's LA Toilerie. I got it half price in Hombase <smuggo>

curtainsplease Sat 04-Mar-17 22:12:07

Totally justified smuggo.

Lesley1980 Sun 05-Mar-17 20:47:51

John Lewis made to measure have a lot of grey options & it's not too expensive

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