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Dreams bed - headboard?

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hilbil21 Wed 01-Mar-17 16:35:40

We bought a divan bed from dreams 2 years ago and at the time the salesman said a headboard could be added later down the line.....2 years later and we are finally getting round to doing up our bedroom and I want to add a headboard to the bed. I probably should have looked before but didn't....and there doesn't seem to be anywhere to attach a headboard to?! There are two holes at the very bottom of the bed next to the floor but in my experience the place where you put the bits in to attach a headboard are normally at the top of the divan? It's got wheels so it's definitely not upside down lol. I realise this is a really stupid problem but can anyone help me blush

hilbil21 Wed 01-Mar-17 19:04:18

Bumping for the evening crowd

imnottoofussed Wed 01-Mar-17 19:17:16

I think the holes are inside the fabric and you have to cut through yourself. Otherwise the ends of your bed would be untidy if not using the headboard.You'll just have to poke about and find them smile

Sarahsea1 Wed 01-Mar-17 19:19:24

Other end? There are normally two bolts which you push the struts of the headboard over. Sometimes the bolts are removed in transit and the holes are covered by the fabric so if you have drawers in the divan, check the bolts aren't in there or taped underneath the bed. Then press around the obvious area and you'll feel where you can insert the bolts, IYSWIM - you'll be pushing through the fabric.

thatdearoctopus Wed 01-Mar-17 19:39:52

Second what others have said - you need to pierce the fabric that is covering the divan to find the holes. The divan itself should have come with two very large screws with a large plastic cap-type thing on, which go through the "legs" of the headboard to attach to the holes in the divan and are tightened by swivelling the caps (which have finger grooves on them to help).

hilbil21 Wed 01-Mar-17 19:46:14

Thanks folks I shall investigate more can't believe I've not looked before now in the 2 years we have had it!!

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