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Ikea mattresses. Want a new one but to recreate "Hypnos Bed" Suggestions?

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MarciaBlaine Tue 28-Feb-17 20:04:02

We are getting on a bit. We have a Malm bed with a mattress that is about 12 years old. We feel it is not so comfy any more and have talked of replacing it. I am quite clueless in this regard but we agreed that the Premier Inn beds are bloody lovely and wondered how /if can we recreate that at home? Any ideas much appreciated.

NotAMammy Wed 01-Mar-17 22:45:40

You can buy premier inn beds and mattresses, but I don't know of anyone who's actually done this.
Sorry, not massively helpful. We've just bought an Ikea mattress but haven't actually slept in it yet!

Mehfruittea Wed 01-Mar-17 22:55:36

Single bed - 90x190cm

Mattress £360

Mattress & divan £570

Mattress & 2-drawer divan £650
Double bed - 135x190cm

Mattress £465

Mattress & divan £790

Mattress & 2-drawer divan £870
King size bed - 150x200cm

Mattress £525

Mattress & divan £900

Mattress & 2-drawer divan £980
Super king bed - 180x200cm

Mattress £630

Mattress & divan £1050

Mattress & 2-drawer divan £1130

YippieKayakOtherBuckets Fri 03-Mar-17 22:37:31

Yes, you can just buy a Premier Inn bed. Be aware that they have an integral topper so they can be rotated but not turned.

Serin Sat 04-Mar-17 19:03:15

smile I could have written your post in January.

We are also getting old and have plodded on making do with our last mattress for 18years.

We stayed in a holiday cottage in summer with an iBed carina mattress on the bed, which we found a bit softer than Premier Inn's and so comfy for us. It was £1200 from Benson's but worth every penny. They also do interest free credit. Also that is for the divan base and headboard as well, if you just wanted a mattress I think it would be cheaper.

I have never found an IKEA mattress that I would want to spend the night on.

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