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What colour flooring

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Moomoomango Mon 27-Feb-17 19:14:06

We have cheap laminate in our hallway and leads into our dining room. The floor was here when we brought 6 years ago and is very tatty. Our dining room has large French doors which pour in light but this means you can see lots of footprint marks, scuffs etc on the laminate very easily. The floor seems to reflect and any shoe marks are immensely visable.

We are replacing flooring thinking of karmdean or something similar. How can I stop the marks reflecting so badly? Would a darker style wood effect be better than a light one?


downwardfacingdog Mon 27-Feb-17 23:14:05

Shoes off in the house and good mats inside and outside the door are the only answer! I have a S.Facing hall and when you open the door and the sun shines in you can see every mark on the floor even though it is an old house with the original tiles in the hall so fairly dark and patterned.

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