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Painting the attic white

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taptonaria27 Mon 27-Feb-17 11:15:31

I'm planning to paint our attic space (2 bedrooms, one bath and and a study area) white and then use fabrics to introduce colour.
Should I just go brilliant white emulsion and eggshell or is there any other whites I should use? It's a big space so I don't want to farrow and ball it as I'm not sure there'd be any point for white but I don't know if there's other whites I could or should look at?

downwardfacingdog Tue 28-Feb-17 07:42:53

I wouldn't use pbw. It looks very stark. Is the attic well lit? Lots of people recommend dulux timeless.

JonesyAndTheSalad Tue 28-Feb-17 07:44:02

My DH is a painter and decorator. He does a lot of high end places and he always reccomends a white witha little black in it...or what really amounts to a white with a grey undertone.

Jellybean85 Tue 28-Feb-17 07:59:53

dulux light and space do some lovely shades of 'not quite white' neutral enough for a whole space.
I really do think they reflect more light but could be a sucker for marketing
Not too expensive either and give a much nicer finish smile

PrimalLass Tue 28-Feb-17 08:49:32

Timeless is great and goes with everything.

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