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Recommend a warm shade of light blue paint

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krisskross Sun 26-Feb-17 22:37:59

For DD bedroom. Thank you.

PlugUgly Sun 26-Feb-17 22:39:47

Farrow and Ball Skylight is a lovely powdery blue

AliceInHinterland Sun 26-Feb-17 22:40:04

Parma grey (F&B) is lovely, not very light though (and blue despite the name!)
Are you looking for something just a shade or two up from white?

Blossomdeary Sun 26-Feb-17 22:42:17

Blue is a cold colour however much you dress it up with a fancy name. If you want warm, you are going to have to go for a different colour.

yorkshirepuddingandroastbeef Sun 26-Feb-17 22:45:21

Ooh! F&B Borrowed Light. T'is wonderful!

travailtotravel Sun 26-Feb-17 22:50:25

I got a lovely powdery blue that is quite warm - its B&Q Colours range.

We also have a navy blue wall that looks awesome and isnt 'cold' at all.

WattdeEll Mon 27-Feb-17 00:55:25

F&B Borrowed Light. I also found cornflower white by dulux had a warmth to it, but that was in a south facing bedroom.

5OBalesofHay Mon 27-Feb-17 00:58:01

Dulux powder blue is warm feeling and pretty

HeyToTheHo Mon 27-Feb-17 06:43:04

I've just painted with homebase own brand Blue Lake - a lovely warm blue which next to antique ivory (also a Homebase colour) looks lovely.

LostMyDotBrain Mon 27-Feb-17 06:45:00

I'm with Blossom I'm afraid. Blue is a cold colour. Happy to be proven wrong but I really doubt there is such a thing as a warm light blue.

Siarie Mon 27-Feb-17 06:53:21

Farrow and Ball Skylight here too, we have it in our bathroom.

Siarie Mon 27-Feb-17 07:04:21

Hope this helps! It does feel warm for a blue

minmooch Mon 27-Feb-17 07:06:46

F&B Skylight lover too - have it in two bedrooms. Use it on one wall though with nice cream on others. Keeps it nice and warm.

nottakenpersonally Mon 27-Feb-17 07:06:55

I have a beautiful blue from Laura Ashley. It's Matt, which helps the warmth I think. Can't think of the name though, sorry

krisskross Mon 27-Feb-17 09:02:12

Thanls everyone for these ideas. Ive looked at some rooms on Pinterest and there do seem to be some warm and some cold though im struggling to pinpoint the difference. DH is sadly a dulux only man as a decorator once told him not to use anything else! So anymore dulux ideas would be great. In the meantime ill work on him with farrow and ball and laura ashley. Thanks!

SchnitzelVonKrumm Mon 27-Feb-17 13:57:22

Fired Earth Sea Lavender - blue with a pinky undertone, it's lovely

minipie Mon 27-Feb-17 14:15:56

DD has Fired Earth Sea Lavender in her bedroom. It's gorgeous. Quite a strong colour rather than pastel, and can look almost purple sometimes. Goes very well with various bright pink accessories.

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