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Grey or light granite kitchen work top? Instead of quartz?

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farmbelle Tue 21-Feb-17 21:00:12

So... designing my fantasy kitchen for the house we are trying to buy- i have my heart set on grey kitchen cabinets and lighter or grey toned granite worktops (not black sparkly). But I've read that light granite is terrible for staining! Im very clumsy so need something red wine/tomato sauce proof.

I would be willing to go for darker shades to reduce the staining potential but want to stay away from black. Prefer the individuality of granite to the uniformity of quartz/silestone. Does anyone have any light or grey toned granites and can tell me how the grey tones fair in terms of staining? for example salt and pepper/ azul platino/ bianco antico/ black wave. Quite specific but hoping for the wonders of MN wisdom! thanks for any help!

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londonfeather Tue 21-Feb-17 21:05:46

I have light grey kitchen cupboards with bianco masa quartz worktops and backsplash and it hasn't stained at all. It is very natural looking - not uniform at all and I would recommend. I discounted granite as I heard horror stories about the staining.

farmbelle Tue 21-Feb-17 21:26:11

Is that the same as the Carrera quartz? it does look nice! Would you say its pretty hardy against things like red wine/tomatoes etc? Would you happen to know if its branded - compaq, silestone etc? thanks!

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mummytime Tue 21-Feb-17 21:52:32

I have pale blue units and steel grey granite. I got the granite from a specialist guy (works from a farm). He had a wide range of granites and gave me samples to see at home. It has a high polish but hasn't marked, it need to be cleaned with water (I sometimes use a microfibres cloth, and others just kitchen towel), I avoid fats and oils on it - they can be tricky to get off. I also avoid acids (lemon juice and vinegar) as I think they can mark. Tea and coffee clean off okay.

Thenewwiderworldthird Wed 22-Feb-17 16:00:15

Londonfeather did you get your bianco masa from Beltrami? Also, have you put anything hot on it and, if so, how does it fare? Do you have any photos of your kitchen? Thanks.

NotCitrus Wed 22-Feb-17 16:14:57

We got Emerald Pearl granite which is possibly a bit dark for you - we were worried it might look a bit blingy but it really doesnt - and it doesn't show up anything really - wipe anything off with a damp cloth/washing up liquid. We got that type of pattern so as to hide as much as possible as I can't clean often.

farmbelle Wed 22-Feb-17 16:57:29

Mummytime, i do like the look of the steel grey. So its been liveable for you? when you say avoid fats - do you mean these have left marks on this colour?

Notcitrus the emerald pearl does look nice. Im slowly being converted to darker i think, i just can't bear the thought of paying for beautiful granite then having red wine tomato stains everywhere when cooking drunk from scratch.

London feather how bombproof is your bianco masa? it looks so beautiful like marble but i would be so scared of it!

Sorry i don't know how to reply to people yet!

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mummytime Wed 22-Feb-17 17:21:21

I actually mean that when you get fats or oils on it, you can get them off but its quite hard work. The installer said not to use proprietary cleaners as they cause build up, which make the surface "dull".
When I get butter on the surface: I dab as much as I can off, then wash it with very hot water on a cloth, and then polish with kitchen towel. But sometimes it takes several goes of: some water on a cloth, followed by polishing with kitchen towel before the shine is properly restored.
For every day most marks don't show that much, but the shine is so good I have become far more house proud and fussy about restoring it.

londonfeather Wed 22-Feb-17 20:12:03

It hasn't stained for me in the 8 or so months since we've had it put in but I guess it still is pretty new - as we have it as backsplash it gets some tomato splatters which have always wiped straight off, I just use method grapefruit cleaner and water on it and it comes up lovely and shiny. I don't know about brand but I got it from Affordable Grainite and they were great - SW London / Surrey way. What I did when I was testing a few was put blobs of all sorts of food/ drink on a tester piece and leave over night before wiping and see what was left on the sample. That's the main reason I picked quartz over granite if my memory serves me...

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