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Small window curtains or blind?

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purplefishy Tue 21-Feb-17 09:08:39

In our house I've got blinds in all the rooms just normal cheap roller blinds. Black out in dds room. I have put up show curtains above the blind. They never get pulled as they don't actually fit the window same as my lounge.

The only rooms I've not bothered with curtains have a roman blind. They just give a splash of colour so they are nice.

CaptainHarville Mon 20-Feb-17 18:30:16

Decorating DD's room. She has the box room and her bed is going directly under the window. The window is very small less than 3ft wide. I was thinking white wooden Venetian blind but feel it will lack the 'dressy' finished look I think curtains give. Would a pelmet help or look silly? Any ideas? Tia.

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