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Polished concrete floor

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chimolesmummy Sat 18-Feb-17 18:57:53

Hi There,

We are doing an extension to our kitchen in SW London and are keen to have a polished concrete floor. Has anyone done this and can they recommend it? If so, how much per sqm can we expect to pay and does anyone have any recommendations for suppliers and fitters?

Thanks in advance

Peanuts79 Fri 24-Mar-17 10:39:34

I was just about to ask the very same question? Bumping with interest...
Have you had any success in finding out, google searches seem to vary so widely.

Crumbelina Fri 24-Mar-17 10:45:48

Oh, I'm very interested as well! We're doing an extension in SW London too. smile

You might want to re-post/ move this to Property/DIY as I think it gets more traffic.

Peanuts79 Fri 24-Mar-17 10:51:26

I have no idea how to move so have started new thread over there....

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