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Fabb Sofas!! Has anyone brought a sofa? Reviews plz

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mayah1 Sat 18-Feb-17 13:30:51

Hi I've been to Fabb sofas today and I quite liked some of the sofas I saw there but I've never heard of them and don't know anyone who has shopped there! I only know it's linked to it a good place to buy sofas? I don't want to be disappointed after saving money for sofas for AGES!!! Thanks

suewatsonBW56 Mon 20-Feb-17 09:38:00

Hi Fabb sofas has nothing at all to do with DFS

Kinzi73 Wed 22-Feb-17 12:49:07

Fabbsofas is owned by Lord Kirkham who used to own DFS. It is not affiliated in any way with DFS but there are also a few directors from DFS who have went with Lord Kirkham to start this venture.

I would be interested to know if anyone has had a sofa from them also as they are opening in Edinburgh and I am wary of such a new company with no history for such a big purchase

RW61gn Tue 11-Apr-17 17:49:11

Yes I have - very good product and incredible after-sales service (Nottingham branch).

Highly recommend.

RW61gn Tue 11-Apr-17 17:50:46

Hi there

I bought a sofa from the Nottingham branch (delivered last week). Product brilliant, staff amazing and after-sales support incredible). You won't be disappointed. These seem to me to be the best in the business.


Geordie007 Wed 16-Aug-17 11:07:23

I have a slightly different experience.
I ordered a sofa in April which turned up in July as planned, and it was the wrong one! I ordered a right hand corner, and got a left hand corner. The delivery guys left it so I would have something to sit on, but it obviously doesn't fit in my room.
I contacted them straight away, and for the next 2-3 days played phone tag with them, and it's now been 7 weeks and after initially being told we wouldn't have to wait another 12 weeks for a replacement, each time I call, I'm told they are still waiting for an update from the manufacturer. To add insult to injury, the finance company (4 years interest free!) despite being told by me that we hadn't had the goods, they have still taken the first payment for it!
Mistakes happen, and it's how you deal with them that's important. but so far they haven't been brilliant about fixing the error.

jemrock Sat 02-Sep-17 12:41:27

I have also had a terrible experience with Fabb sofas.

Was misadvised in store and sold a different size to the one we were told we were looking at. When we found the mistake they were very accusatory and said we should have checked the specifications - I would have thought going in to store and asking your sales staff would have been the correct way to do this!

They agreed to change the order after the sales guy admitted he had made a mistake (genuinely grateful to him as I am not sure what would have happened otherwise). We had already waited six weeks for delivery and thought another six was a bit much considering it was their mistake but were assured we would be made a priority. We have had to call them several times over the last two weeks and each time have been assured it would be looked into but no further information has been provided. The last woman said it will be another two weeks before they know if they can speed up delivery, meaning we will have waited a month to find out if they 'might' do as they promised.

No compensation for this 2 and a half month wait for a sofa. Instead they would like an extra £30 up front - if I were them I would have eaten the cost as a good will gesture. Mistakes happen, fine. But as the poster above me said Fabb have a lot to learn when it comes to fixing theirs.

Would strongly recommend avoiding this company.

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