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Simba/Eve/Leesa mattresses - do you have one?

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bluefeathers Fri 17-Feb-17 15:23:44

Need a new mattress. DH and I are side sleepers and hating our too firm very expensive Hypnos mattress. Need one that is medium, not too hot, gives an amazing nights' sleep and will last. Seeing lots of adverts for these new style mattresses and wonder if they're as good as the hype..?

bluefeathers Fri 17-Feb-17 15:24:52

Would prefer to hear from people who actually have bought and sleep on one vs. speculation and perception - thank you

Harree Fri 17-Feb-17 15:25:57

Oooh, I would like to know this also!

Sung Sun 19-Feb-17 16:31:43

We bought a single Simba mattress for our spare bedroom (but due to DH's snoring one or other of us tends to spend the night in there) just under a year ago.

Very disappointed in it. Started to sag in the middle after a while and didn't find it that comfortable - ok though. Ended up replacing it (were too slow with the 100 day sleep guarantee and kept thinking it was the bed slats (new bed too), which we also changed) with a JL mattress. The Simba mattress was £399 and the JL mattress was £550 and much better value for money.

Fortunately DS (age 11) tried out the Simba and declared that he liked it so it has a new home. My conclusion is that they are fine/good for children. Maybe it is us. DH and I are both overweight but not quite obese.

bluefeathers Tue 21-Feb-17 05:42:54

Thank you Sung... good to know. I suspect they make their money from people doing just this, finding problems after the 100 days is up. John Lewis are selling the Leesa mattress though so must think that one is okay...

fabulousathome Tue 21-Feb-17 09:55:49

Try buying a memory foam mattress topper from Amazon. The thicker the better. Mine is 7cm and made a hard bed lovely and comfy.

PanannyPanoo Tue 21-Feb-17 19:55:35

Have a look at beds on legs. I love ours. it has 3000 springs I think and a cool memory foam on top. So comfy. supports but not too firm and isn't hot. it replaces our ridiculously expensive orthopaedic memory foam mattress which was super hot and a real effort to roll over.

Sung Wed 22-Feb-17 14:35:04

JL are (or certainly were) selling the Simba too - that was one of the main things that got me thinking it would be good too (although I didn't buy from them as I got next day delivery going to Simba direct and JL would have been a week or so).
I am very sceptical about all the amazing reviews out there now...if they are genuine then my guess is that people are posting them within a few days/week of trying it rather than months!

downwardfacingdog Fri 24-Feb-17 12:51:26

If the only problem with your mattress is it's to hard, it's Def worth trying a mattress topper. If got a normal foam one rather than memory foam.

bluefeathers Fri 24-Feb-17 18:15:30

Thanks guys. We've bought a memory foam mattress topper from M&S. Was hoping to try it out tonight but it has to air for 24 hours... the anticipation is killing me! 😜

bluefeathers Sun 26-Feb-17 21:06:06

Hmm... not sold on the memory foam topper solving the problem. We now have a squishy top on a still super-rock-hard mattress... will try it for a few more nights and see how we feel

Sarah2427 Sat 18-Mar-17 20:50:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Moogdroog Sat 18-Mar-17 22:15:35

I bought a Leesa back in September and I swear, when I get into it at night I turn to DH and tell him how much I love it, and I thank it for a lovely nights sleep every morning. I promise I'm not generally mad, and this is the only household items I thank. Is changed my life and miracle of miracles, has proven to be the impossible middle ground between our to different mattress requirements. I love it.

NickMyLipple Sat 18-Mar-17 22:23:20

bluefeathers what size is your mattress?? I'll have it off you!! I'm desperate for something firm!

bluefeathers Fri 31-Mar-17 06:32:57

Just to close the loop, we decided we couldn't spend the money on a whole new mattress so bought a 6cm memory foam mattress topper from M&S £229 for king size... now sleeping much better and more comfortably with less aches and pains... in fact we're just back from holiday and glad to be back in our own bed which is a huge turnaround!

bluefeathers Fri 31-Mar-17 06:33:52

Moodroog - good to hear a positive experience though, on our list for future!

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