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Please help me arrange furniture - photos incl!

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Dolceandgabbana14 Tue 14-Feb-17 17:15:40

I've tried every configuration I can think of but I still can't get it right, so I thought I'd turn to mn for some fresh ideas and inspiration. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can help - and I promise to come back and post the 'after' photos!

We could move the dining table into the family room, which is a conservatory - too cold in winter, too bright and hot in the summer. We had it out there originally but still found arranging the living room really difficult! I'd be happy to move the table out again and invest in some blinds and a heater if it means I can be more flexible in the living room.

I've tried to take photos from different angles. I love the wallpaper but its probably going to go - it makes the room too dark, especially on such a big wall.

I'm considering a circular table but not sure if that'll help. I've also got a green sofa that I could use, if that helps at all (its currently in the conservatory)!

I've found the photos from Right move of how the previous owners had it (orange curtains). Our three seater sofa is against the long wall, looking at thevtable, with a large armchair set at an angle in between the sofa and table. It looks much biggerhow they had it, but their corner sofa blocks off the door to the hall. We found when we had it like this with the TV and sofa on the same walls as this photo, that there was too much space between them!

It's only letting me have three photos, I'll see if I can add more in another post.

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Dolceandgabbana14 Tue 14-Feb-17 17:17:28

Another photo!

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