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What paint finish for hall, stairs landing?

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Ifonlyiweretaller Wed 08-Feb-17 18:16:57

Apologies if already asked, I am new to this topic on MN. I love F&B colours but am not totally happy with the lack of wipeability in my kitchen/diner. When I tried to remove a mark it sort of smudged, and now needs painting over. As this area is in frequent use I'd have preferred a more cleanable finish.( I suspect it was estate emulsion).

So now I'm having hall, stairs and landing painted. This is quite a high traffic area so I need a finish that is easy to wipe clean but I don't want 'shiny'. Do F&B do such a thing? If not what finish would people recommend if I were to have the colours mixed to match the F&B I intend to use please?

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