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Colour choice for room that has North and South facing windows?

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adanac85 Wed 08-Feb-17 14:12:43

We've just moved into a 1940s semi in the Peak District. We over look the hills on both sides of the house and I HATE the colour of the sitting room. That and we're getting a new woodburner put in, so I will need to redecorate.

However, I have no idea what colour to go for. The room is longer than it is wide, and has original wooden floors. It also has large windows at both ends of the room that face both north and south, so we get light most of the day. We already have warm brown sofas and I don't really want to change them.

I'm thinking something quite neutral that suits reflects the natural surroundings. As it gets COLD in the Peak District, I'd like iit to be a warm colour. We had nutmeg white in our previous sitting room, and I really like the Dulux Heritage range. I'm quite open to suggestions other than blues/greens or yellows.

I'm also thinking of trying to use similar colours in the rest of the house, so that it feels joined up.

Anything would be useful!!

Thanks in advance

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