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What can I do with this part of our bedroom?

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plimsolls Sun 05-Feb-17 10:15:49

I would get a shallow white shelves from the floor to under your TV. A shallow bookcase would work especially if it's got sides. That way the TV would look as if it was part of a unit and not just hanging in the middle of a bare wall. Keep the items on the shelves neat. Either books or propped up framed pictures.

Frame a selection of prints and photos in varying sizes and hang them on the TV wall around the TV so it forms part of the display. You want them all different to each other but with some visual theme such as a small amount of the same colour. A dark colour or black would help to link everything with the TV.

If doing that ^ you might end up removing some wall stuff from around the other walls so that the TV wall is the main focus

For the alcove I'd get large plain storage boxes (white if that's your wall colour).

stuckinthehouse Sun 05-Feb-17 10:03:49

Inspired somewhat by the 'Show us your bedroom' thread...

I'm not unhappy with the general style of our room, apart from the wall decal which we inherited from previous owners and haven't got around to taking off yet!

However there is one wall which I don't know what to do with. We have a wall-mounted tv which we don't want to take down as we consider it to be one of our few luxuries. Not sure what to put under it though and not sure what to do with the alcove.

Any ideas?
The other photo shows what is on the opposite wall.

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